How to sell photos of your feet?

There are several ways to make money on the internet. For people who know how to take photographs, they can offer the pictures for sale. If you have beautiful or unusual feet, it is also possible to take pictures of them and sell them. For some people, this is a way to make ends meet. For others, selling photos of feet can become a business in its own right. If you are also interested in this concept, here is how you can successfully sell photos of your feet.

Choosing the right application to submit your foot photos  

To be successful in selling foot photos, you need to start by choosing a safe and honest application to offer your photos. Mym Fans is one of the most reliable solutions on the market.

This site allows you to sell foot photos by the unit. It is also possible to offer a subscription on the platform to earn money with your foot photos. Mym Fans allows its contributing members to charge a subscription between 9.99 euros and 49.99 euros.

To have a good audience and hope to create a comfortable income through this business, it is recommended to have a good base of followers on social networks. You can offer your followers on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook to follow you on Mym Fans as well. This will boost your page and attract followers.

However, you must be careful that the foot photos you present on Mym Fans are not present on other platforms. It will be difficult for you to sell foot photos that you have already published for free on your other social network pages.

How does selling photos of her feet on this platform work?

Before you can sell foot photos on Mym Fans, you must register on the platform. Once you have registered, you can start uploading photos of your feet and publishing them on your page. Make sure that the photos are not yet visible on other platforms. Once the photos are online, only visitors who have subscribed to your account will be able to see them. For ordinary Mym Fans, they will be blurred out.

In addition, you can set the subscription fee for access to your account and foot photos on the Mym Fans platform. Your subscribers can also contact you to order personalised foot photos. In this case, it is possible to offer the photos at a higher price. You will also set the price.

The advantages of using Mym Fans to sell photos of your feet

People who offer their foot photos for sale on Mym Fans can choose the price of their account subscription themselves. They are also free to set the selling price of their products.

Once the owner of the photos and the subscriber have agreed on the selling price, payment is made securely on the platform. A payment solution is integrated on Mym Fans. This saves you from sending a separate invoice to the purchasing subscriber.

You can also take advantage of the platform's reputation. There is less risk of scams. Your subscribers will only be able to access your photos and your catalogue once payment has been validated.

Mym fans also has a member base of over 150,000 users. You can take advantage of this reputation to ensure the visibility of your page and promote it.

Be aware that even if a user is not subscribed to your account, they can see and visit your page and samples of your footage.

How can we attract potential buyers?

As mentioned above, it is advisable to have a large number of followers on your other social network pages. Indeed, it is possible to promote your photos on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


Instagram is especially dedicated to sharing photos and videos. You can post a footage photo that is not in your photo catalogue on Mym Fans, in order to attract the attention of buyers. Then, in the description, you can put a link that redirects igers to your Mym Fans page, while mentioning that you sell foot photos on the platform.


It is also possible to promote your photos on Facebook. In this case, consider creating a pro page. You will then only have to publish statuses and photos with a description and a link that redirects to your Mym Fans page. However, in the "about" section, put the link to your Mym Fans page and an email address or phone number for easy contact.

On Facebook, it is recommended to integrate specific groups. Then you can invite members of these groups to increase the number of your followers and the number of clicks to your Mym Fans page.


Twitter can also help you increase the number of buyers of your foot photos on Mym Fans. To do this, use hashtags when you tweet a post. There are many hashtags that allow you to see the most beautiful pictures. For example, you can use #feet, #pieds, or #PrettyFeet to increase the visibility of your tweet and your photo. They also allow you to increase the number of retweets to create a buzz.

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