MYM vs Onlyfans: Which is the best site to start with

For photo and video enthusiasts, being able to sell their work can provide additional income. However, if you are not a professional, you may find it difficult to market your productions. Fortunately, it has become possible to offer your photos and videos for sale on sites such as Mym Fans and Onlyfans. The trick is to know which of these two platforms is the most effective.

What percentage of the payout can I expect to earn on MYM Fans and Onlyfans?

To begin this comparison, it is interesting to know how much you can expect to earn on both sites.

Mym Fans has the best payout percentage. In fact, the platform allows for a commission of up to 90 %. At Onlyfans, this rate is fixed at 80 %, regardless of the type of activity that generates income on the site (tips, access and discussion on private messages, subscription to a page, etc.). The share received by the Onlyfans platform is therefore fixed. It is 20 %.

Subscription75% (25% commission)80% (20% commission)
Private photos80% (20% commission)80% (20% commission)
Tip90% (10% commission)80% (20% commission)

On Mym Fans, here are the details of the commissions offered:

  • For a one-page subscription, the platform pays 75 % of the applied rate and receives 25 % in commission,
  • For the sale of private photos, 80 % of the sale price can be earned. Mym Fans takes 20 % from the price.
  • Regarding tips, you can take 90 % of the amount. The 10 % goes to the platform.

In addition, Mym Fans allows you to level up. If you become a Superstar, you will receive a performance bonus of 1 %. In order to become a Superstar, you must be active on the site and post regularly. You must also have at least 50 active subscribers every month. In addition, you must upload at least 2 photos to the site every week. And finally, you need to be responsive. The response rate to requests must be 90 %.

The payment methods offered by the two sites

A good platform for selling photos allows the use of several payment methods.

At Onlyfans, you can only use credit cards. At Mym FansThe platform allows payment by credit card, PayPal and cryptocurrency. Mym Fans has an advantage in this case. This allows model members to earn more revenue on the platform as their subscribers will not be penalised by a limitation on the payment method.

For withdrawals, whether on Onlyfans or Mym Fans, the only solution offered is bank transfer.

Bank cardβœ…βœ…

How often can I withdraw money from Onlyfans and Mym Fans?

To make a withdrawal from Onlyfans, you must have a minimum of €20 in your account. It is possible to make a daily withdrawal. In this case, the withdrawal is not automatic, but manual. For automatic withdrawals, they can be programmed every 1 month.ers of the month or a Monday.

At Mym Fans, you must have at least 50 euros in your account before you can make a withdrawal request. It is possible to set the request automatically per week (one or two withdrawals) or per month (one or two withdrawals).

How to get known on Onyfans and Mym Fans?

On Onlyfans, it is not easy to promote your page. Visitors cannot access it if they do not have your username or if they do not click on a link that leads directly to your Onlyfans page.

On Mym Fans, you have the possibility to search in different ways. Indeed, it can be done by geographical area, by type of activity or with a particular keyword. For example, if you enter a keyword such as "white", you will get hundreds of results and the profiles associated with this keyword.

Then, you can apply a filter to reduce the number of profiles. You can, for example, ask to display only the profiles that are in a specific city or only the Superstar profiles. The advantage of the Superstar profiles is that they are the most active model members on the platform. By contacting them, you can get a quick response.

Both platforms also offer referral programs. For example, you receive 5 % commission for each model you refer to Onyfans.

On Mym Fans, you become an ambassador and can claim two types of earnings:

  • The classic referral programme earns 10 % commission on the earnings of each model recruited,
  • The ambassador programme attracts other recruiters and earns 50 % of what they earn.

What about the popularity of the two platforms?

Onlyfans has been online and active since 2015. It is headquartered in the UK and currently has over 2 million registered members. The platform had a turnover of around €2 billion in 2020. Onlyfans currently has 200 employees with a platform that is accessible in 15 languages. There are 250 million monthly visitors to the site.

For Mym Fans, the platform is more recent (2019), but already has over 200,000 members. It is a French site that is available in 8 languages. The platform currently employs 30 people and has a turnover of 70 million euros in 2021. It has 6 million monthly visitors.

Even though Onlyfans is much more popular than Mym Fans, the latter has a lot of potential and has evolved a lot in only 3 years. It is therefore more interesting to register on Mym Fans which has more competitive advantages than Onlyfans.

Year of creation20192015
Head officeπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Turnover70 million (2021)2 billion (2020)
Available languages815
Visitors per month+6M+250M

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