MYM fans Affiliate - Earn 10% of the revenue generated by a model

Social networks are a convenient and easy way for models and celebrities to communicate and exchange with their fans. Whether they belong to generation X, Y or Z, it is clear that the vast majority of them are now particularly active in the digital world. And that's not bad for the models who earn their living from these digital platforms. These platforms even offer interesting solutions that allow personalities to build up more or less stable sources of income. This is for example the case of the social network MYM fans.

MYM, the new remunerative social network for models

MYM fans or Me You More (formerly Meet Your Model) is a social network that takes advantage of Web 2.0. In an era where people are increasingly active on the Internet, the platform presents itself as a digital communication medium through which models share content with their communities while being paid.

Appearing towards the end of 2019, the site is aimed at personalities who are particularly present on social networks and who wish to create a remunerative activity thanks to them. If with platforms like YouTube or even Instagram, influencers have the possibility to be remunerated according to the content they broadcast, MYM fans also takes the same concept.

On the other hand, this social network differs from its predecessors in that it is more private and remunerative, aiming above all to encourage personalities to share more content with their fans. It should be noted that the platform is primarily aimed at models (artists, influencers, personalities, etc.). In order for them to be able to generate significant revenue on the site, they must have a large and committed community. Note that the success of a personality on MYM fans will depend mainly on the willingness of his fans to pay for content.

Another special feature of the social network is that the media offered by the models to their fans is not visible anywhere else on the net. It is therefore a place where you can get exclusive access to photos and videos that celebrities post. As such, there are strict rules governing the use of the platform. For example, the content offered on the platform must not be used by third parties or published on other sites, otherwise serious sanctions may be imposed.

Understanding how the platform works

From a theoretical point of view, MYM fans functions in the same way as a classic social network. Models, also called creators, as well as fans can register for free and create profiles. Note that a person can only create one account on the platform. The platform also ensures the authenticity of each profile created by requiring the submission of official identification.

Whether you register as a model or as a fan, the site reserves the right to check the authenticity of your account before validating it. And for security reasons, the social network also prohibits its members from exchanging personal details (telephone, address, email, etc.). Apart from that, it is forbidden to create a profile in the name of another person on MYM fans. Attempts to violate these rules will result in immediate suspension of the accounts concerned.

For the models

If you want to earn money as a model while trading with your fans, you can easily create an account on MYM fans by going to the MYM creators page. The principle is not different from what you may have already experienced when registering on other online platforms. Moreover, you only need to fill in your contact details, name, first name, nickname, etc.

And if you want your fans to take your profile seriously, it is recommended that you certify it. To do this, you will need to provide accurate contact information, an ID (CIN or passport), a security selfie, a valid bank account for payments and a working phone number. In order for MYM fans to certify the authenticity of your account, you must also post at least 5 media (photos or videos) on your feed and get at least one first time subscriber. If you have met all these requirements, a certification badge should normally appear on your profile.

And to maximise your chances of gaining more followers, don't neglect your profile and cover photos. You can also promote your account on the Internet and on other social networks.

For fans

It is important to know that the minimum age to register on MYM fans is 18 years old. And this is valid for all types of accounts that exist on the platform. In order to create your MYM profile as a fan, you just have to go to the official website and fill in all the information that will be asked of you. Before validating the creation of your profile, don't forget to read carefully the general conditions of use and to tick the box stating that you agree to abide by them.

You can then access the search bar and enter the names of the models and personalities you wish to follow. The principle is relatively simple, as you just have to click on the "Subscribe" button to access the page of your favourite models. However, you should be aware that most of the content they post on their feeds can be blurred. In order to access them, you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, the price of which is set by the models themselves. For this reason, the subscription rates will vary according to the personalities.

You can subscribe to several different profiles and you can also cancel your subscriptions at any time. A chat box is available so that you can send requests for personalised or private content to the models you follow. And again, the rates will be set by the models.

For ambassadors

The social network also offers its members the possibility to create an ambassador account. To do so, you just have to go to the Ambassadors platform. You then have to fill in all the required information as well as the conditions necessary for the authentication of your account. It is important to know that the ambassador account is related to the sponsorship system proposed by MYM fans. For this reason, it is different from the creator account, but can be used simultaneously with the latter.

It is possible to merge an ambassador account with a creator account. This will allow you to access the Ambassadors platform more easily and keep track of your referrals in real time. And if you want to combine your two accounts, you just need to make a request to the customer service of the platform. The merger will then take effect after 24 hours.

An update on sponsors and ambassadors

Models can earn money on MYM fans by offering paid content to their subscribers. The advantage lies in the fact that each creator is free to set the subscription rates they wish. In the same way, access to media (push and private) is paid and the rates will vary according to the models. In addition to the paid media, creators can also sign up for the sponsorship programme offered by the platform in order to optimise their income.

How does the MYM fans affiliate program work?

The MYM Ambassadors is an affiliate system through which models can earn a percentage of the income generated by their referrals. The principle is to share an affiliate link with other celebrities, from which they can sign up to the social network.

As soon as models register via your personal affiliate link, you become their sponsor. In addition, every time your affiliates make money on the social network, you get a small share.

Why create an ambassador account?

Having an ambassador account or becoming a sponsor on MYM fans offers various advantages, the most important of which is that you earn even more money on the platform. As soon as you invite models to discover the social network through your personal referral link, you commit yourself to becoming their sponsor. The performance of the accounts created through your link allows you to receive compensation of 10 % on the income they generate in turn.

On the other hand, having a MYM Ambassadors account allows you to use powerful tools to enhance your profile and maximize its performance. You will also have a dashboard that allows you to better monitor your income and manage your affiliates.

How to optimize your earnings by becoming a MYM sponsor?

MYM fans accounts (creators and ambassadors) are managed like a real business. In order for your income as a MYM model and sponsor to be consistent, you must be able to manage your creator profile well so that your fans are interested in your content. You must also encourage and motivate your referrals to do the same with their respective profiles.

If you want to earn more money on MYM fans, you must first of all attract as many subscribers as possible to your profile and establish a real bond of trust with them. This is to encourage them to unlock as much media as possible. In addition to optimising the return on your content yourself, you must also be kind to your affiliates so as to encourage them to also make their profiles profitable on the social network. In this way, both sides can win.

The more subscribers and paid content a profile generates, the more money it earns (provided, of course, that subscribers buy the content). And the more affiliates earn, the higher your percentage as a sponsor.

Who are the ambassador accounts for?

Ambassador accounts are mainly for models and designers. Please note that the fact of going through the personal link of a personality to register as a creator on MYM fans does not impact in any way the income you can generate thanks to your subscribers and your paid contents (videos and photos). In reality, it is only a sponsorship mechanism that aims to make the social network known to the maximum number of personalities possible.

Moreover, an ambassador has no obligation towards his godchildren and vice versa. On the other hand, you should know that when you create your MYM profile through the link of an ambassador, this one is linked to the one of your sponsor via a cookie. Note that you do not have the possibility to change your sponsor.

How much can a designer earn on MYM Fans?

The earnings that can be generated by a model on MYM fans are very variable and depend on different factors. The main element that will play or not in favour of the creator is his notoriety on the social networks. A person who enjoys a well-established community is for example able to earn more than an anonymous person.

The goal on MYM fans is to attract all your fans and get them to subscribe to your profile first. In order not to put your fans off, it is recommended to offer reasonable subscription rates. You can always make your profile profitable by offering interesting push media afterwards or by consistently responding to your fans' requests for private media. What's more, you set the prices for all the content you offer on the social network.

It is best to make your subscribers want to know a little more about you by offering a few glimpses already. Please note that the platform ensures that indecency is not violated. For this reason, nude and topless photos are strongly prohibited.

In practice, you won't need to use this kind of alternative to attract your followers. The simple fact of offering exclusive photos and videos is already a sufficient reason to encourage fans to buy your content. What's more, you can always promote your MYM fans profile using other social media platforms such as Instagram.

On the other hand, MYM fans is moderated by experts in their field, which makes it an ultra Premium network. Depending on their popularity, some personalities can generate nearly €25,000 in one month thanks to their MYM fans profiles. These earnings are further optimised by the sponsorship system advanced by the social network, allowing them to receive 10 % of the earnings generated by each of their referrals.

How are payments made?

MYM fans is a platform that aims to be professional. It offers two payment methods: bank transfer and PayPal (only for accounts with SuperStar status). Transactions are completely secure and the social network works with Epoch and Checkout.

In order to initiate a payment on the social network, you must have a certified account and specify a means of payment with the corresponding details. Your balance must also have at least €50 in validated earnings. And you must select a payment period (either 1 or 2 per week, or 1 or 2 times per month).

The different types of earnings

On MYM fans, the earnings you generate are classified under two categories. You have earnings that are still pending validation. These are usually earnings that you have recently earned. And there are the validated earnings that are available for withdrawal. These are earnings generated by your subscriptions, media and tips that have passed a validation period defined by the platform.

Earnings validation periods

You can earn in different ways on the social network and their validation periods vary depending on their origins. Earnings from monthly subscriptions, for example, are validated within 15 days, while earnings from annual subscriptions are validated within 60 days. Earnings from tips and push media are validated within 7 days. And for earnings from private media, you receive them directly upon delivery.

Note that you are allowed 72 hours to deliver to your fans the private media they request. Each model is also free to accept or refuse private or personalised requests from its subscribers.

The rates of repayment

All transactions made from the platform are subject to a deposit fee. In the case of a bank transfer, the fee is 7 % of the amount due (including taxes). But MYM fans also applies a percentage of the payout to the models after deducting these fees from the total amount of the orders. In general, the platform pays models 90 % of the amount of tips generated, 80 % for private media and 75 % for subscriptions.