How to become a designer/model on MYM fans and earn money

Since its inception in 2019, MYM fans has been a great success with models and their fans. In less than a year, the platform has already registered nearly 15,000 models, not to mention the number of fans each of them has been able to accumulate so far. The social network is of interest to celebrities of all kinds, not only because of its private aspect, but also because of the earnings that can be made. 

It's a premium platform that offers fans the opportunity to receive exclusive content from their favourite models that they won't find anywhere else on the internet. If you are a model or a designer, find out in this review what makes MYM fans tick and how you can exploit it to earn a substantial monthly income.

Who can register on MYM Fans?

In concrete terms, MYM fans is a social network open to all. Men and women can join, whether they are models, photographers, influencers, etc. And the platform even accepts people who do not necessarily belong to these circles.

In a way, the site allows anyone to exploit their artistic fibres and make money from them. But if you want to be successful on MYM fans and make a lot of money, it's best to have a large and engaged community from the start. The models who succeed on this platform are usually those who are well known and have a certain number of fans.

And if you are one of those Internet users who like to have recurrent news from their favourite stars, this platform offers you the opportunity to contact them directly. You can even ask them to send you (for a fee) exclusive videos and photos.

In a way, MYM fans is not just another social network like so many others on the Internet. It offers many more advantages to its members, such as the possibility of earning a substantial salary.

Creating a MYM creator account: how does it work?

Anyone can open a creator account on MYM fans. But if you want to build up an interesting source of income with this social network, you will have to succeed in establishing an engaged community. You should know that the earnings you are likely to receive on the platform will depend entirely on your followers. And to create your MYM creator account, you need to meet a few conditions and follow the steps below.

The requirements

First and foremost, only people of legal age (18 years and older) can register on MYM fans. In order to ensure that this first condition is respected, the social network requires each new member to present an official identity document (passport or CIN).

And in order to collect your earnings as a model or creator, your account must be authenticated. This is effective as soon as you obtain the certified account badge. Note that with this badge, your profile also gains credibility with other members. Moreover, you will be more visible on the social network.

But for your profile to be authenticated, you must already attract a first subscriber and post at least 5 media (videos or photos) on your feed. You also need to fill in the details (name, surname, address, mobile) relating to your identity. These details must be up to date and correct. In addition, do not forget to specify the payment method that suits you with the related information. To authenticate your account, MYM fans will also ask you to attach a security selfie to your profile.

The steps to follow

The steps to follow to open an account on the social network are relatively simple. While fans must go directly to the official MYM fans website, models must register on the dedicated "" website. All you have to do is click on the "register" button and fill in the required information to create a new account.

Note that the platform only allows one account for one person. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, you do not have the possibility to create and manage different accounts on MYM fans. The moderators of the site make sure that this rule is respected for both fan and creator accounts. They directly delete suspicious profiles and forbid access to the platform to all those who violate this condition.

Once you have filled in your account information (email, passwords, username, etc.), you will receive a validation email that allows you to authenticate the creation of your profile. You will then have to personalise it by adding profile and cover photos.

Features of Me You More (MYM)

In contrast to popular social networks (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), MYM fans attracts users, especially models and celebrities, because of a few unique elements. If, for example, influencers earn money by posting various contents or by making product placements, MYM Fans offers celebrities to earn money every time the media (videos and photos) they post on the social network are unlocked by fans. The action is all the more interesting in that subscribers can enjoy content that is not available anywhere else but on MYM fans.

Models and creators also have the assurance that their published content is protected by intellectual property rights on MYM fans. They can monetize their content without the risk of having their private life disclosed to the general public.

Free registration, but paid content

Like any other online platform, registration on MYM fans is completely free. However, there is a charge for accessing the various media posted by celebrities on their feeds. If you like to share your photos and videos with your fans and want to make a living out of it, MYM fans can provide you with the solution.

As a model or designer, you are free to set the subscription prices on your profile. You can offer your fans a monthly or yearly subscription, the prices of which will depend entirely on your goodwill. In order to encourage other members of the platform to subscribe to your profile, you can publish public media on your feed. These will serve mainly as previews, and to access other blurred content, your fans will have to pay.

As with the subscription, you set the price for each photo and video that will be available on your feed.

Access to exclusive media

On MYM fans, models commit to posting only exclusive media, which is why it is so interesting for their fans to subscribe to their profiles. But it should be noted that the site also imposes some conditions on subscribers. For example, they are formally forbidden to share on other sites the photos or videos they obtain on MYM fans. If they do not, they may be subject to serious sanctions, apart from being permanently excluded from the social network.

On the other hand, they can contact their models via an online mailbox and ask them to provide personalised content (private media). The personalities can also send out paid content via bulk messages, from which they receive money for each purchase made by the dentinarians.

Some recommendations

Fans who opt for free MYM fans accounts can only access public content posted by the models. In order to enjoy more images and videos, they will need to sign up for a subscription, and again to access the blurred content, they will have to pay a fee set by the models.

If you are going to open a designer account on this social network, you need to be careful. Like anywhere else on the web, hackers can get in and hack your account. Their main goal is to gain access to your profile without having to pay and to steal your exclusive content and publish it on other sites.

Even though the platform has put in place a system to protect the personal data of models, it should be borne in mind that no one is safe from malicious people. For this reason, celebrities registered on MYM fans must remain vigilant with regard to the codes and emails they may allegedly receive from the social network. You should know that the social network is not intended to send links or other codes to its members.

Why have a SuperStar status?

On MYM fans, having a certified account gives you the opportunity to enjoy a certain visibility with other members. But if you want to maximize this visibility and, moreover, increase the number of your subscribers as well as the income you can earn, it is recommended that you also obtain the SuperStar status.

What is it about?

Like the verified account, the SuperStar status authenticates your profile to your fans and potential followers. It takes the form of a yellow star next to your username. This badge allows you to benefit from some interesting advantages.

With a SuperStar status you can, for example, use the PayPal payment method. You also get more visibility on the platform. This optimises your chances of attracting even more subscribers. Note that a dedicated filter allows subscribers to easily find all the personalities who have a SuperStar status. Apart from that, this icon allows you to earn an extra % commission on your payout percentages (subscriptions, push and private media, tips).

How to get it?

If you want to become a SuperStar on MYM fans and take advantage of all the benefits it offers, there are a few requirements you need to meet. Your account must be certified. It is also essential that you are particularly active on the social network. In addition, your profile must have a minimum of 50 active followers during the current month. You must also post at least 2 media on your feed every week.

Note that the platform provides you with a planning tool that allows you to better organise your publication frequency. Apart from that, it is imperative that you show great responsiveness in responding to your subscribers' private media. About 90 % of your replies must be sent within 48 hours.

You should be aware that SuperStar status, unlike Verified Profile, is not granted on a permanent basis. If you wish to take advantage of the benefits of SuperStar status, you will need to maintain a steady flow of posts on the site. You will also have to complete the conditions mentioned below every month. The SuperStar icon is awarded to models on the 1st of each month, but the awarding of the icon is based on the analysis of the statistics of each account during the previous month. If you are awarded this status, please note that it is only valid for one month before your profile is next reviewed.

How much can a model earn on MYM fans?

MYM fans offers models powerful online sales tools. For example, they can offer paid photos and videos or send messages to their former fans in order to re-launch them.

In concrete terms, the more subscribers you accumulate and the more loyal they are, the more likely you are to sell content and earn a good salary.

Even if you are anonymous, it is possible to make money from your media on MYM fans. The latter works in the same way as a classic social network. In addition, you need to work on your image, promote your profile and propose original content likely to interest Internet users. If you know how to optimise your profile on the platform, you can earn between €500 and €700 in a month. The more you work on your profile and your image, the more you increase your chances of receiving a substantial sum.

Celebrities and influencers are the ones who benefit most from the social network. Because they are already well known, they will have no trouble attracting followers to their profiles. Some can even accumulate nearly 1,000 new subscriptions in just one week. If the monthly subscription is set at €6.50, for example, and media sales in a month are added to this, it is quite possible for a model to earn €40,000.

Of course, these figures are not static, as the revenue received by each model depends on the rates they set for their profile subscription packages (monthly and annual). On the other hand, the platform earns a commission of about 25 % on each subscription made. Similarly, the prices of photos and videos as well as private media depend on each model, but MYM fans subtracts a commission of 20 % on each tariff offered.

Note that the more satisfied your fans are with the media you offer them, the more likely they are to tip you. And on these, the platform gets a commission of about 10 %.

The different sources of income

There is no shortage of sources of income on Me You More fans. The latter does everything possible to enable the models to accumulate as many subscribers as possible. It also encourages them to publish more content in order to make their fans want to pay for it.

Paid subscriptions

The principle is simple on MYM fans: no subscription, no payment. You should know that the strength of the platform and the fact that you can make it a relevant source of income are mainly based on the number of subscribers that you accumulate. What's more, you need to be able to entice them to sign up for a premium subscription and then retain them so that your income is stable. Free accounts, on the other hand, will have to make do with what you deign to share in public mode on the social network. This is therefore an opportunity for you to encourage them to subscribe by offering sufficiently interesting public content.

Paid messages

You can send your subscribers messages in which you offer them blurred media. And if they want to unlock them, they will have to pay a price. Photos on MYM fans can be sold for between 10 and 60 €. The amount you set for each photo varies greatly depending on your estimate of their value. And if your fans want to access them and confirm their payments, they will be charged automatically.

The affiliate programme

All designers and models can access the MYM fans referral programme. This allows them to invite other influencers and celebrities to open an account on the social network. If a model creates an account through your referral link, you will receive 10 % of the revenue they generate in turn (subscriptions, push and private media, tips). Note that this does not affect the earnings of the referred model.